So, you like old school dungeon-crawlers and you want to play one on your Android phone or tablet? No problem, one of the best games of this kind is clearly QuestLord. If you are a veteran player and you probably have played the Lands of Lore or Eye of the Beholder series, you will certainly […]


The Bard’s Tale

When I read IGN’s review of the Bard’s Tale in which they said that it is the funniest game they have ever played, I did not believe it at first. But, of course, within the first ten minutes, I realized that they were right. The Bard’s Tale is an RPG, with talented humor and it […]

Ravensword: Shadowlands

One of the best android RPGS out there, is Ravensword: Shadowlands.An open world to explore with a lot of sidequests and an excellent story.The developers have spent more than two years of development in this game and this is very special for a mobile/tablet game. STORY: You start the game as the sole survivor of […]


Why play a Role Playing Game?

A great RPG is truly successful when the idea echoes in your emotions, when it tends to make you feel like you’re somewhere else, someone else, anything else. Whether or not the characters are exploring through a great exciting new realm or maybe fighting to protect their city, perhaps the adventure is turn-based or grid-based […]


Why play RPG Game on Android?

Do you like playing RPG games? Would you like to explore fantastic worlds on your Android device? If you choose yes then you are someone who wants to travel and fight mysterious beasts wherever he or she is.At the bus station, inside the bus, inside the tram, inside a plane.During a voyage at the backseat.What […]


Definition of an RPG Game

The RPG games (from the phrase «Role Playing Game», ie “roleplay”) is a type of computer game where the player takes the role of a particular character within a fictional world. Inside the game the player meets other NPC «Non Player Characters».The purpose of NPC is to give some tasks to the player to carry […]


What was the first RPG?

The first commercially available role-playing game was Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), was published in 1974 by TSR that had a tremendous success that developed a cult following.Role-playing games began to influence other media. A new genre of video games arose from early mainframe computer imitations of RPGs.This was the beginning of a new era in […]


Best Android RPG Games – The ultimate best RPG games guide for Android is here!

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